Proper egg carbonara

proper egg carbonara

In my uni days I used to stay at my boyfriend’s share house almost often enough to chip in to the rent – it was a house of four guys, where the dishes only got washed once they started to turn the corner of the long u-shaped bench; where the figs on the big tree in the backyard were used to play cricket (no-one knew what to do with a fig, even me); and where someone’s basket of dirty clothes stood in the laundry unchanged for two years. Carbonara was a feature on the menu, involving pieces of bacon not fried for long enough and still with its chewy rind on; onion or spring onion; and a 600 ml tub of cream.

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Date, banana and wheatgerm loaf

Banana, date and wheatgerm loaf

I have read that Italians sometimes eat cake for breakfast – perhaps with a milky coffee made with espresso leftover from the night before. They don’t do dessert after a meal, but sweet snacks and a decadent breakfast seem okay. (As for coffee – after midday it’s strictly without milk.)  Continue reading Date, banana and wheatgerm loaf

Brown-rice nori rolls

Brown rice nori rolls

We’ve been eating lots of sandwiches of late. When I can, they involve homemade sourdough, and we toast them up in a frying pan with a splash of olive oil to make them extra delicious. But still, it equals bread for lunch, and I don’t think it’s clever if we’ve also had bread for breakfast. Continue reading Brown-rice nori rolls

Polenta pizza

Polenta pizza with pork ragu

Pork ragu on soft polenta and steamed orange pudding – the menu seemed perfect for our wintery weather just a few days ago as we gathered in our lounge room in front of the fire. But now we’re in t-shirts and bare feet, have changed to our summer doona, and taken our daughter out of her winter sleeping bag. The ragu and polenta leftovers are sitting in the fridge and looking rather unappealing, as instead I’m thinking about crunchy salads or skewers and asparagus on the barbecue to match these balmy days. And I’m wondering about how I can use up all that polenta.

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