Mushroom and potato stir-fry

mushroom potato stir-fry 1

Mushroom and potato stir-fry, tucked inside an omelette, on a pile of fluffy rice – if this was my last meal on earth I’d be happy.

It was how I felt yesterday after I took the omelette photo and tucked in. Was I just really hungry, or enjoying the first quiet moment of sitting down by myself in a number of days? Actually I think the food was just really, really good. Continue reading Mushroom and potato stir-fry

Stir-fried zucchini and seasonal greens with soybean paste

Stir-fried courgette and seasonal greens

We grew a great zucchini (courgette) in our garden this year – as soon as I saw its first baby fruits in pre-flower stage, like long curved pencils drooping downwards, I knew I liked this fellow a lot! It’s an Italian heirloom called Tromboncino and it appealed because it could climb up a trellis, and also because regular zucchini hasn’t worked for me in recent years … Continue reading Stir-fried zucchini and seasonal greens with soybean paste

Smashed cucumber salad

Smashed cucumber salad

My vegetable garden seems to have a mind of its own. This summer it decided that tomatoes and basil would not be the frontrunners. Instead it’s been the cucumbers and spring onions, and just when I was about to give up on them, our super slow beans finally started producing. While technically this is my garden, I feel like I’m really just along for the ride and am happy with any result – as long as there is one! Continue reading Smashed cucumber salad

Sticky pork ribs

Sticky pork ribsStar anise, illustration by Katherine Bird

Ten weeks ago I had my second baby. The days are flashing by so fast; the only thing that seems to differentiate one week from the next is that we notice our boy has grown a little bit bigger. During the late-night feeds I can’t tuck his feet into my cardigan any more – he’s too long. And his squinty newborn eyes have become round, clear and full of adoration for his big sister, dad and mum. He gives us gorgeous open-mouthed grins, and I love holding his face next to mine, all soft cheeks and milky breath. Continue reading Sticky pork ribs

Chinese peanut and celery salad

Bunch of cut celeryPeanut and celery salad with boiled pork dumplings

The Hungry Girls had a guest blog on The Design Files in January 2012. We included a recipe from each of our books accompanied by photographs by Leah and and illustrations by Katherine. Follow these links:

Monday – the story of the Hungry Girls

Tuesday Cherry tomato, herb and chilli fish (Volume 1)

Wednesday Chinese peanut and celery salad

Thursday Quick Spanish dinner (Volume 2)

Friday Yoghurt and white chocolate pannacotta (Volume 3)

The Wednesday recipe was a new one, so I’m including it here too … Continue reading Chinese peanut and celery salad

Broad bean stir-fry

Broad bean stir-fry (with pickled mustard greens), and tofu tomato stir-fry

About three weeks ago, spring officially ended in our vegie patch. I pulled out the lettuces that were all of a sudden full and large, the parsley that had gone to seed, and a small, proud patch of my first ever beetroots and carrots. Saddest of all, I picked the last of the broad beans, then chopped off the stalks a few centimetres above the dirt. Instead of a lush green view out the kitchen window, we were left with rather desolate beds scrappily covered with last season’s mulch. And it was suddenly a very different feeling gazing out the window while doing the dishes. Continue reading Broad bean stir-fry